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Discussion on: Fibonacci Goals

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Ben Holmes • Edited

Thanks! So... it's a lot to explain. But to put it succinctly: it's a static site generator that runs on templates like Jekyll, with the option to use dynamic tools like MDX or static Vue on any page you want. It'll compromise on some values that Jekyll et al. hold themselves to (this tool will use client-side routing, for example), but it's meant to bring all the countless worlds of static site generation closer together.

Absolutely no clue whether this will work in a developer-friendly way. For instance, I know you were trying to bring Svelte templates into 11ty with varying degrees of success. But with the waves of native ES modules and dynamic imports emerging... someone's gotta try 😁

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swyx Author

cool cool. i gave up on making my own SSG a while ago 😂 all the best with it! I def agree that the native ESM wave is a huge opportunity to make better tooling without legacy assumptions.