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Discussion on: What are your worst coding habits?

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Ben Holmes

For me, the worst habit comes out most when I'm trying to help others through problems in their code: learning when to step back and look for other solutions.

Just the other night, I got sucked into an 80 reply Slack conversation about a bug in someone's Heroku build. A lot of those messages came from my own misunderstanding in the build steps of their app and how Heroku handles deployment. After reaching a dead end pulling from my own knowledge, I did a quick crawl through GitHub to find similar issues to his own, and we soon found the culprit. Basically, I found that even when I think I understand an issue with a hacky way to solve it, it's always worth an Internet search to find the best solution.

It's really hard to find that balance of when to look for help versus when I should go with my gut, but I'm always working on it!