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re: I had a CS undergrad and got my start professionally working on a Rails/Javascript web application. While the CS curriculum gave me a solid foundat...

Thanks for the links and insight! Confirmed some of what I was thinking, namely code-alongs working well.

Also crazy you'd mention CS 4660; I just took that class last semester! The professor is honestly one of the most engaging I've had at Georgia Tech. He really tries to take a step back and let us go about researching, designing, and implementing an educational product on our own.

This project definitely would have hit home with that class, though I found our project pretty useful too. We mocked up a career readiness simulator meant to teach financial literacy through convincing scenarios of entering the working world (responding to job offers, apartment hunting, etc). Didn't directly translate to this topic though, so I still reached on here to see how to best approach a new medium 😊

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