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Notes about Atlassian Statuspage workflow and design

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Anything I tag "notebook" might not be useful to anybody else. Just writing this for myself, but publicly.

A few places where Atlassian's Statuspage product kind tripped me up, today. Disclaimer: I am new to this tool! But I have used many other Atlassian products, so it might be worth noting if certain design patterns seemed surprising.

  • On an open incident, I thought the "update" button was going to launch an edit window, but instead it pushed out some default text. (And therefore created an incident update, heh heh).
  • Deleting incident updates is not intuitive.
  • The component status language isn't really visible in the interface in a friendly way.
  • Updating components isn't built in to workflow in an obvious way. It was only when Statuspage emailed me that a "component" had been in a down state for hours, that I realized that should have been updated at time of incident update.

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