Going through it

bigboybamo profile image Bamiji Oyetubo ・1 min read

When I started this whole dev journey in December 2019 I watched a lot of youtube videos saying "when you get the basics down START APPLYING". I followed this rule and didn't apply to jobs until I was really comfortable in what I was doing, now 9 months later I've started applying to jobs and I must say it is a tedious exercise. It's tedious to me because most of them never even respond which just leaves you in this state of limbo, like "did my resume even get there? am I not qualified? is this how the entire job search will be?" I've watched a lot of "how to be a self-taught dev" youtube videos, but almost none of them prepared me for this. This is like the only place I feel i can really vent.
lmao honestly I am going through it.


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