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Do you plan on ever scaling your freelancing journey to collaborate/hire other freelancers? I too want to go freelancing and I already plan to collaborate and eventually to run as a kind of agency.

Also, I know it's a bit sensitive, but I would have liked to know more about the financial aspect of your journey, without too much detail, just the big picture. I think one of the major insensitive to go freelance is the pay.


To be honest, I often thought about running the agency, but never took the courage to do so. I don't think that is off the table, too.

I always wanted to make a product and then build the company around that. Unfortunately, every idea I got is either not good enough or already exists.

From the financial aspect, my freelancing career has been successful and exceeded my expectations.


I've recently read Kelly Vaughn Start freelancing today ebook and its what really inspired me to really pursuit freelancing and ultimately going the agency route. I strongly recommend it, it's a gold mine.

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