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At my job, we use the party parrot a lot. My favorite version is the one with my manager face on it.


when I worked at a marketing agency I added like... ALL of the party parrot GIFs. They were by far the most frequently used. I missed the party parrot at my next job, which used Google Chat.


me too. I love the party parrot.


I love the parrot, and that the parrot is from New Zealand - mashable.com/2017/07/13/cult-of-th...

Then everyone should take a look at the cult of the party parrot to bulk download them


The parrot seems to be everyone’s favourite, with good reason :)


Oh definitely! I have to confess I added the :partyparrot: emoji to our Slack when I joined my current job. It only snowballed from there and now we have tons of them!


I invite you to download a bulk slack emoji importer and import 250 of them. I might have done this at some point...


Explody parrot is my favorite!


Mine is exceptionnaly fast parrot.

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