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What's your flow when publishing something? Do you post everywhere manually and put all the links in your frontmatter?


The only place where I always re-post is on my Mastodon account (which then gets cross-posted to Twitter by crossposter.masto.donte.com.br/). I've made myself a Python script that I run to post a link to Mastodon. This script then also adds the resulting toot url back into the original entry as a syndication URL. If you're curious, the code for that is here: github.com/anaulin/tasks.py/blob/m...

My workflow for re-posting to other places is fully manual for now. I imagine that if I start getting into the habit of re-posting more widely, I can add little automated tasks to do that in a semi-automated way as well.

Initially I thought it would be nice to fully automate the re-posting off of new content in my RSS feed, and I wrote a little Python script that does just that (code here: github.com/anaulin/rss-wrangler.py). But I don't love the idea of doing this fully automatically, at least not yet. There are some entries that I don't care enough to re-post, and there are different places where I re-share my content, depending on the subject matter. So, for now, an approach that is manually triggered by me for each post suits me best.

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