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Follow underrepresented folks online. It's a great way to pitch in and learn about different types of personalities in the industry. Following a bunch of folks who wrote in the #SheCoded tag on DEV today is a great place to start.

I made this my mission when I joined twitter. I could have easily just follow a bunch of white men sharing the same ideas and career goals, but I decided this platform would be to follow people that are the complete opposite of me. From time to time, I had the impression that I was just seeing rants after rants and found that anoying. Then I stopped and thought: I see this frequently and repetition seems "annoying" but there is real injustices that I wasn't seeing even if they are right under my eyes.

I'm glad I did this from the start. Everyday, I'm exposed to difficult realities other have to live with, it makes me rethink how I see life with my biases and privileges.

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