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Learn vim by setting your default terminal editor as vim and download a vim keymapping for your favorite IDE. You can even further the experience by downloading vimium for Firefox or Chrome. It will get you far in most systems.

If vim isn't your thing, learn the shortcuts of your favorite IDE and of your OS.

If like me you typed for the last 20 years with weird bad habits, now is a good time to learn touch typing. It makes typing easier and you'll learn your shortcuts faster.

It is a habit thing, first week feels clunky but surprisingly you muscle memory builds up rapidly.


Definitely agree with turning on Vim emulation in your preferred editor. It can feel immobilizing at first, but it pays off quickly.


I mean it's the best of both worlds: You get all the awesome features of a modern IDE while using a powerful text input tool

  • Vimium for the browser :)

The scroll is so smooth and satisfying I can't live without it.

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