re: Thank you Jim for the kind words!

Just to add a bit more as a good to know: Your electricity provider do care about the design of your lamp. If your lamp returns current to the grid (I will spare you the wave-function math behind) it damages it. Electricity providers use Fourier transforms to evaluate how much your appliance is damaging the network and they charge you money accordingly. Fortunately, this problem mostly concern the industry field.

That's interesting! Didn't know 1) electricity went back to the grid 2) that it harmed the grid 3) that providers were charging you for it. There's a lil' something to learn every day on dev.to. 🥳

I'll dig on Fourier too. I've its transforms but it's remote from my usual interests so it's kinda hard to grasp at first (so I guess I won't write an article on the subject anytime soon! 😄)

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