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What I do to stay fit:

  • Every 25 minutes (pomodoro session), I get up and stretch.
  • I alternate between sitting and standing desk positions (if the job/internship I have has one)
  • I go mountain biking on the weekends during summer

What I want to improve:

  • Going to the gym. I used to go there 3-4 a weeks and really enjoyed power lifting
  • Cut on carbs more. Not all a problem, but I can still improve.
  • Take a walk on my lunch breaks. Listening to podcasts instead of watching YT videos.
  • Learn a martial art. I only had some class during pre college and had fun since it's a nice all around discipline (physical and psychological)

Thank you for sharing 🙏 I really like your upcoming plan very much!


Just today I went for a walk during lunch break. I had your post in mind and it inspired me to do better.

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