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There is things money can't buy! I took an offer for an internship at a company where many of their employees are people I look up to in admiration. I could have worked a second internship at the same place as the year before, with a more higher salary, but the job was with old technology, often working alone or with a team of people that are on cruise control working for the paycheck.

This was the best decision I've ever took in my dev career. I learned so much from all these awesome people and I learned a ton of very useful techniques and tools to code. The company is developing products for startups and has a lean management style, everyone input is considered. It's pure joy!

My sanity and enjoyment has no price.


This got me thinking if the different stages of career you are in plays a big part too. Sure, you should be always learning new things, but the potential probably won't be as much as when you are starting out, where most things are new to you.

In that case, is it more worthwhile to sacrifice higher pay for a place that will teach you lots from other experienced team members? I think so unless you are struggling to pay your bills...

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