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Great post, Nathan. Very concise and inspiring. I' found similarities between your path and mine. Two years ago, I left my white collar job to pursue a degree in computer engineering. I always thought that math were for genius and that I was just out of luck. Then after convincing myself it could be done with enough efforts, I gave it a go. This is by far the best decision I ever made in my life. Because it is so demanding, it forced me to develop many useful skills. I became disciplined, more organized, I plan ahead and I diversify what I learn. I got involved in the robotics club, in the local tech meetups and into tutoring. Having prior experience as a developer and IT tech really helped me secure very intersting internships during summer.

There is still 2 years down the road and plenty of very hard courses before I get my ring (eh, Canada) but I can't wait to crush all the challenges on my path.


I am glad you enjoyed my post. Also it’s awesome that your in involved your local tech community.
Summer jobs and internships are an amazing way to build experience and learn about different aspects of the industry. I have a contact lined up for this summer.
Also I have 4 yeas including a year placement or internship to do before I graduate, 5 years if I do a masters in CS.

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