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Wow! What a great article. Your illustrations are so amazing. I really enjoyed reading it.

I learned to solder last year at Hackfest.ca soldering village. I soldered tiny LED (rice grain sized). It was kinda on my own so I'm kind of shaky in some areas. Since I'm in IT engineering, I have lots of electrical engineering classes coming up that require soldering so I'm glad I read your article to get more resources.

The next project I want to tackle is soldering an ErgoDox DIY kit which has something like 400+ solders. This guide comes in handy.


Thank you for your kind words! And WOW, 400+ solders is huge. I just finished that RGB matrix kit from the last video, 70 RGB LEDs = 280 solders and it was exhausting :D but it was also super fun. Worth the effort!

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