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At the beggining of my day, when I just got 8 hours of good sleep. There is nothing better than waking up, sipping on a good coffee while firing the machine and listening to some good music.

I rapidly enter in power beast mode not long enough after my small morning ritual. Of course, energy is depeletin during the day and I don't have the same drive as in the morning. That's why I plan my days with energy: I know which tasks require more focus and energy and which one can be done passively.

During the summer internships, my work day is typically 7-8 hrs and it ranges from coding to reading doc. I go home, cook supper while listening on some podcast or audio book. After eating, some maintenance task while still listening to podcasts. Then I take a break to either play video games or watch some youtube videos. Then 1-2 hours before sleep, it's no screen time. I prep my lunch for the next day then I read my book of the moment.

During a uni semester, my work day is still the same instead it's just classes or blocks of studying/assignments/homework.

In both cases, I include sport and from time to time a special event like an activity with friends/family or a tech meetup.

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