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re: Okay, I'm slightly going to rant for your own good. Is that okay? I'm British/Canadian. Sorry eh... At home for my own projects, I own a 32" 4K IP...

Hi fellow giant canadian. I'm 2m05 myself. Even tho I'm on student budget, I never compromised the budget for the place I spend most of my time. I bought myself an ergonomic chair with a really tall cylinder. I plan to buy arms for my two screens.

I think we could have interesting conversations sharing tips on ergonomics.


You should definitely buy monitor arms - that and the chair will mean you don't suffer later on in life. As an added bonus it gave me back a ton of desk space I can fill with Lego Wall-E, Yoda, and other stuffies (useful for Duck Reviews and moral support).

At work I settled with putting the monitors on riser stands and on top of the game console dev-kit. Not quite as good, but the monitors are now at the right height.

I like the Lego part. Thanks for the tips also

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