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re: I used to have 4 monitors: one 30 inch for the code one 24 inch for the app I'm debugging (usually a browser, as lately I was working on web apps...

I always try to center the two bezels of my screen so I alternate between the monitors without pain. And I alternate between sitting, standing or bean bags. Helps a lot


Everything was fine - I could torture my body as much as I want..... until I got over 40... then some parts of it reminded about "the credit" and "asked for interest" :)

That's definitely why I want to do it right, right now. So I won't pay later


I'd say taking a rest once in a while and going for a swim helps even more.

My point is, that if you have multiple monitors - try NOT to twist yourself, while looking at a monitor on the side, and while your hands are on the keyboard, which is in front of the center one (basically don't repeat my mistake).

Yes. It's good advice and I try to implement that as best as I can.

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