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I highly encourage you to have a look at Django. It's a fantastic Python web framework that has many good features. My favorite are how its behavior is easily extensible and how many idioms are handled so you don't reinvent the wheel.


Sure, thanks for pointing that out!

I am at a point where I have some ideas that I need to put into production on the side, and I'm weighing between Rails, Django and Feathers. All three are excellent frameworks. At this point, I think these specific Web Frameworks have reached to a maturity where, the algorithm to choose one for your next project, is likely as follows:

  • Write down the Functional Requirements and most likely Non-Functional Requirements of your project. Make a design doc.

  • Look at each framework docs and find out which one supports the max intersection of stuff in your Design Doc, out of the box (or with minimal dependencies).

  • Build w/ that, and Get Users!

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