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BigStep rolls out Open Source Whiteboard Software built with Agora SDK

techpost profile image Siddhant Sharma ・1 min read

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Remote Collaboration may make you feel somewhat handicapped. Especially when you are trying to be understood, not merely listened to. Here is when Whiteboards come to the rescue as they are becoming increasingly helpful for online classes, teleconsultation, online meetings, and much more.

Interactive whiteboards come with several exciting features that facilitate remote collaboration and teamwork. The Whiteboard offered by BigStep Technologies is co-developed and open-sourced by BigStep Technologies and Agora and can seamlessly be integrated into all e-learning and online collaboration platforms.

Our Whiteboard Solution is integrated with features like drawing/writing on a whiteboard, adding shapes, text annotations in files, creating polls, making announcements, and sharing images and documents, and much more which takes e-learning to a whole new level and can be a game-changer for remote learning.

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