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Understanding Frontend

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First of all in simple terms, Frontend of a website is a simple structure and arrangements of things in such a way as to make a sense to the user (whoever it might be).

Creating frontend is not as easy as it is learning html/css/js. The real hard work starts when you start using frameworks and libraries to make your frontend look more exciting.

But, once you reach above it all you start to detail with some of the complex process and errors of web development thrown by some of the coolest frameworks and libraries you just used.

To be frank, debugging these errors is not always hard but sometimes it can be a situation when you don't want to loose the war. The complete outcome depends upon your solution, and uh yes, clock is ticking too. You wanna meet the deadline too.

It's not the end.

You still have animations and other libraries to use in your project too. So, you don't waste any more time and start using them. Now, you are in the biggest hole you created yourself.

Keep debugging my dear friend.

See you next time.

// If my English is bad, never mind. Some talks just happen for no reason.
// Thanks a lot for giving the time. 😁
// I seem to not find the perfect tags too.

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