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Bikramjeet Sarmah
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ECOMMERCE Website Using MERN ( Intro )

ECommerce Site Using MERN stack

# In these series of Blogs i will be showing how to make a fully fledged Ecommerce Site from scratch.

As a developer having awesome projects in the resume is a crutial point of getting shortlisted for interviews, and an ECommerce site is one of the awesome project to be mentioned in your Resume

Although its completely for beginners but having a prior knowledge of making a simple website is a plus point.

  • Must know the basics of Javascript
  • Must know the basics of ReactJs

We will be learning many things, some of them are :-

  • Structuring the Project
  • Making the Server
  • Making Api's
  • Error Handling
  • User Authentication
  • Protected Routes
  • Pagination
  • Making Admin Routes and _many more _

The Tech Stack i will be using is MERN

  • M : MongoDb
  • E : Express
  • R : React
  • N : NodeJs

The Tutorial is divided into many parts but mainly :-

  1. Backend

    1. Part-1: Setting The Backend
    2. Part-2: Database Setup
    3. Part-3: Product API's
      1. Part 3.1 Product Model
      2. Part-3.2 Product Controller
      3. Part-3.3 Product Routes
    4. Part-4: Error Handlers
      1. Part-4.1 if-else Handler
      2. Part-4.2 Asynchronous Handler
      3. Part-4.3 More Error Handlers
    5. Api Features
      1. Part-5.1 Setup
      2. Part-5.2 Search
      3. Part-5.3 Filters
      4. Part-5.4 Pagination
    6. Backend User & Authentication
      1. Part-6.1 Setup
      2. Part-6.2 Securing Password
      3. Part-6.3 Login
      4. Part-6.4 Authenticated Route
      5. More on the way...
    7. More on the way.....
  2. Frontend

    • Coming Soon...

So prepare yourself for the journey of making an fully fledged ECommerce Site of your own

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