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re: What do you do when StackOverflow and the internet fails you? VIEW POST


Purchase a rubber duck!

No but really, I haven't been technically coding much yet (haven't landed the dev job yet), but I've worked in IT/sysadmin stuff for over 10 years. 90% of the time you can find a solution by walking away, coming back, breaking it down into smaller chunks, and if necessary, find a work around. Pick people's brains, even if they aren't technical. It'll trigger something and you'll find a solution.


Strangely enough, don't get a rubber duck. Get a plushie toy duck, plonk it down somewhere away from your desk, label it "Level 0 Technical Support".

When you get something that completely frustrates you, get up, go to the duck, and tell it your problem.

If you somehow realize the answer to the problem, the duck worked. :) dog and cat both have this role. The cat is better for the role, though, because she talks back less.

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