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Nevertheless, Liz Rodriguez Coded

I began to code because

I loved computers, math, science and the arts. A (female) advisor suggested that I major in computer science because it combined all of my interested and I tested well in the math placement. Four years later through many ups and downs and almost quitting, I persevered and got my bachelors in computer science! It was an epic moment walking across that graduation stage.

I recently overcame

I overcame my fear to get back into software engineering since I went into the IT field and hadn't really touched code for so long. I loved where web development was going, and how we can create so many things out of software from the open source community, and with nothing but ideas, a browser and a text editor. Over ten years later, I decided to leave my IT job and switch from hardware/systems to software. I'm still and will always be on that journey!

I want to brag about

I stood up for women in tech all of my life. I started my first blog after college, and it was supposed to be a forum for supporting women in tech(granted I didn't know how to make it grow, but I certainly tried 😀). I was involved in the linux, open source, and various online communities. When I meet a woman who's interested in STEM, I share with them all the resources I know in order to encourage them, and tell them about my experiences in IT.

My advice for allies

Support women who code is to keep doing it, forever! Now is a better time than ever to make your voice heard and support your fellow women/non-binary #codesisters. Show up to meetups, help them when they're stuck, show empathy, lift them up. We're just as good if not better than we think we are, and with the same goal we can bring diversity with our unique ideas and perspectives to create amazing products, and do amazing things to help our community!

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