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10 Printful API Projects

With the Printful API you can create your own printed products, or have the printed products created by people who use your app.

You don't have to send anything, Printful will take care of it.

Here are some ideas so you can get started! 🚀

  1. Hackathon Techstack T-Shirt You are going to a hackathon or a developer party and want to have a t-shirt for the party? Choose your technology stack and get a t-shirt with the technology logos.
  2. Train enthusiasts Choose your favorite station and get a station sign on your T-shirt. Just as it looks in this country.
  3. Your word in 40 languages on a T-shirt First the word to be translated, then the word in 40 different languages.
  4. A poster as a gift with 40 QR codes and a QR code is the gift all others just a meme or a joke.
  5. Your favourite tweet as poster
  6. API, your year, your week on a poster. Maybe even as a subscription to collect.
  7. Your first question on Stackoverflow as poster or t-shirt.
  8. Your question or answer on Stackoverflow with the most votes.
  9. Your road trip Using a map API, display the route someone has taken in a country and print it on a poster or T-shirt.
  10. Your year on Spotify. Poster to collect 😄

I hope that inspires you to do something with Printful.
Thanks for reading!

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