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AMA: $433 in one year on Redbubble with developer stickers and how you can do better for some side income

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The following is excusive for DEV. 😉 I want to help you earn some extra money if you're short or live in a poor country.

My request to you is, if you have profited, help someone too, it can be as simple as posting a blog entry on DEV. 

Of course you can also buy me a coffee. 

After one year on Redbubble I could turn over about $433. That doesn't sound like much, but with a portfolio of about 10 designs until June that's a good amount. It was not until February 2020 that I started uploading more designs. 

  • Share your shop link on social media and you will get something, even if it's not your products that are sold, but some other on Redbubble. 
  • Your products will be sold and you will receive a commission which you can determine yourself. 

My tips

  • Do it better than me and research good keywords for your designs. Write a description and translate your work into other languages like German. The translations of Redbubble are bad. 
  • Best so far are designs that are indexed by Google. So sayings of famous people for example.
  • You can use a tool like eRank to find keywords for your designs. The keyword tool costs only about $9 per month. Find keywords that have a lot of searches on Amazon and Etsy, but little competition. You can do the same on Redbubble, search for a term and compare the number of results with the good designs. 
  • Use community apps and learn what the bigger interests are. So if you like baking, what are they talking about? Are there jokes being made, are special cookies particularly popular? 
  • For stickers, go to 100% margin minimum. 

Keywords that I know have potential: 

Silicon Valley (Startups in general)
NoCode Tools
UX Design

Of course you can also go to a completely different area you know about and people are interested in. 

My bestsellers from 2019: 

  • A simple design with the text DONE IS BETTER THAN PERFECT. 
  • alias cd='rm -rf' on black background with green text
  • Simple sayings from designers I googled. (These are indexed 🎉)
  • Logos

What I sold the most: 

  • 1st place are stickers
  • Second place is T-shirts
  • Place 3 are acrylic blocks


  • Word Swag (iOS/Android)
  • Photoshop
  • Gimp


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