Side Project Ideas #13 - Local yelp reversed

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Side Project Ideas (15 Part Series)

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Don't rate the restaurant, rate the food or the drinks. Don't show Restaurants on a Map, show Pizzas, Moscow Mules or Burgers ordered by votes on a map. One place and a list of the best there.

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I really would like to see votes on a menu at a restaurant i want to visit. Many times i bought something which i thought is great but was disappointed. You could do this hyper local for only the best restaurants in a 20miles radius. Actually i did this for a really small town and the reactions where great, many of the restaurants where more than happy to pay for an entry in the app and the possibility to publish news. See this example:

Maybe a combination with the best and votes on the menu?


Just wanted to drop a note to cheer you on for challenging yourself to regularly articulate and share new ideas! I'm on self-development journey myself to hopefully become a founder, so I can relate.

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