Side Project Ideas #10 - Podchat

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Side Project Ideas (15 Part Series)

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Podcast app where you can chat with the people who listend to the episode.

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There's an app for that, it's called YouTube ;)


Haha, yeah, but do you listen to podcasts on youtube? Comments below a video is one thing, but when you're asked to talk about this episode of a podcast is another. Not really a comment section, maybe instead fixed questions and open discussion. The idea is half baked :P


This is part of a larger problem. Podcasts are published on multiple platforms, so people interact on multiple platforms. In the old days, people had their own websites and blogs, now it's unusual to have own website, rather publish on a platform. To reach more people - you publish on multiple platforms. There are additional problems, like apple's walled garden.
Existing "comments" embedded in social media platforms are behind for example comments here.

If you could make app for podcasts that will be at least as easy to use as that one from Google, it might be successful.

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