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Discussion on: 🙅‍♂️ Stop trying to learn RxJS

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Benjamin Jesuiter

Hey @richard Tong,
thanks for this interesting perspective.

I will look into rubico and, if i have time / find something interesting, give you some feedback on this.

I found your post while searching for a state management solution for deno.
I also do have some custom rxjs operators published on npm, so I think, I can nicely compare the two experiences.

Rubico sounds interesting for me, since the idea of 'using the platform' is also my main paradigm right now.
But I also wonder whether rubico will be a real complete (or neraly complete, maybe without edge cases) replacement for the vast functionalities build into rxjs.

Let's see! Anyway, thanks for the post!

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Richard Tong Author

Hey Benjamin, thanks for the comment. I think you're right - rubico has a long way to go. Actually I was just on my way to implementing some stuff I have on its roadmap, since today my day is light. Cheers