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re: It's more simple until you trip up on something and waste your time going down rabbit-holes.

Trip up on what? It's the built-in reactivity system with functions mutating the variables.

I was talking about the simple implementation of trying to replace Vuex, it's not a complete solution. Still it is a nice write up on how one would go about using a simple reactive global store.

I have yet to see what real benefits Vuex or in general a Flux-based solution is providing compared to such simple solutions. In my eyes it's more flexible and less boilerplate heavy. If you need more features one can always write up logic around that specifically for the usecase (e.g. what we currently have a model manager that takes care of model instantiation, persistence etc.).
The only really thing that I currently see where vuex has advantages is vue dev tools integration.

Do you have examples where vuex shines compared to that solution?

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