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I prefer a popular movie, imitation game as a framework to define artificial intelligence. Since most computer science students know that Alan Turing is the father of AI and that movie is so popular.


H is human as intelligent body.

H.I is quantified human intelligent.

M is machine as entity that does not have intelligent.

M.I is machine's artificial attribute, such that it has own intelligent.


F(.) is implemented functions to imitate H.I, such that function for walk is F(H.I.walk).

L(..) is aggregation functions such that accept function as arguments.


An intelligent is aggregation of decisions, such that to be able to walk is set of consciousness to be walking: H.I.walk = {start, velocity, turn, avoid, ...}

H.I is always improve in the space of time. So that new H.I can produced using L(..), such that to improve intelligent regardless specific skill need to be improved: H.I = L(H.I)


A mechanical intelligent is any functions F(.) to produce desecrate imitation of H.I, such that to make machine being able to walk: M.I.walk = F(H.I.walk)

An artificial intelligent is any aggregation functions L(F(.)) to produce continuous imitation of H.I, such that to make machine being able to learn to walk: M.I.walk = L(F(walk)), where walk = F(H.I.walk).

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