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When I started learning web development, it used to be my go to framework for everything. But then somewhere down the line I started disliking it because of the uniform look it gave to everything I made.

Writing a lot of CSS all by yourself was also a pain, so when I had the option to pick between LESS and SASS, I went with SASS. It became a little easier with SASS but I eventually realized that even when using SASS, development time reduces significantly if you're trying to build a design system for every site you make. Bootstrap is helpful at times when you need to make a quick mockup to see how things work and how they'll look and design tools aren't cutting it.

TL;DR It's a matter of preference, useful in some cases and not so much in others.


Yes, I agree. Bootstrap sites do tend to look the same, but for quick prototypes it can give you something nice looking pretty quickly.

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