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Discussion on: Cracking The Frontend Interview, Part 1: Overview

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Ben Calder

Good article; but "skills beat experiences" seems a little simplistic to me: you don't really define what you mean by "skills". Technical ability is of course important; but sometimes seemingly complex problems are solved with a single line of code - you just have to know where to put it. That knowledge often comes with experience. I've also seen code that demonstrates excellent technical knowledge that should never be used in practice because it's unnecessarily complex - e.g. needless condensing of code that renders it difficult to read by others. Again experience of working in a team environment can help identify problematic code structures.

If you have good technical skills but not so much work experience you need to demonstrate how you've applied those skills, especially in a collaborative environment - e.g. in personal projects; contributing to Open Source etc.

I think you should also mention:

  • soft skills: ability to communicate; properly understanding problems as defined by non-engineers; explaining concepts to non-engineers; project/time management etc. will be welcome to prospective employers. Experience of these needn't be specific to a front-end development environment.
  • Version control (Git etc.) - a basic working knowledge is absolutely essential!
  • being open, flexible and enthusiastic about learning new skills; and being comfortable working outside your comfort zone. When I started my current senior front-end dev role the first task I was assigned involved working with PHP!
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Hoang Nguyen Author

"skills beat experiences" is more a belief than a fact. Also I only cover core points and assume many basic common skills, feel free to explore more :v