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Great post Theodore! Thx for sharing! How do you normally look for clients? Especially living outside of a big city. Out of curiosity, I never worked remotely, always directly in the office as an employee.


You look everywhere you can. I go on job boards like WeWorkRemotely, StackOverflow,, and even Craigslist (that's how I got my first job).

Some jobs aren't advertised as remote but you can still try and see if there's a contract in there somewhere.

Persistence is key too. You'll get a ton of rejections. Keep trying and also be sure to track your numbers. The last time I was in full job search mode, I had a 2-3 percent job offer percentage, totally cold and just applying to jobs on job boards.

As you get more established, you'll be able to reach out to past clients and see what they've got. If it's in some new skill set, you can offer to reduce your rate while you learn the new thing. I made 30K last year offering to help out a previous client that way. I got a new skill, and had semi-successful product to put on my resume.

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