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How To Become A Full Stack Developer In 2020[ROADMAP]?

With technological advancements in the recent years, there comes the highest demand for full stack developers than ever before.

So, You want to be a good developer, so you want to go full stack. Entering the web development industry is a relatively easy task today, but riding the information technology wave as a full stack developer is not everyone’s cup of tea.

Being a full-stack developer requires you to know about all the front-end technologies and all the back-end technologies.

The range of skills that a full stack developer is expected to have means that those skills do not reach a level of proficiency required for one to be called an “expert.”

Here are some tips and tricks to become a full-stack developer with roadmap you need to follow in 2019.

There may be many reasons for this increasing trend as to why is it happening? Its very simple that the more skills you have in your profession nowadays, the more valuable you become.

You need to be a jack of all trades to taste a successful career ahead. Developers now identify with over 24 such specific job titles, including front-end web developer, back-end web developer, mobile developer, and desktop developer.

If we talk about development then for sure, a full-stack developer is a must. Get the skills to work with both back-end and front-end technologies as a full-stack developer. You’ll need to develop a solid foundation for working with servers and host configurations, performing database integrations, and creating dynamic, data-driven websites.

This path requires basic knowledge of HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and Git and more.

Who is a full stack developer?

A “full stack” refers to the collection of a series of technologies needed to complete a project and the developer who knows all the technologies likewise is considered as a full stack developer.

In other words:

A full stack developer is someone who knows how to work on the backend, the front-end and deploy to the server, all while speaking seven ancient dialects seeking money and attention.
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The frontend: This is the part of the web application that the user sees and uses.

The backend: These are parts of the application that function behind the scenes and execute the commands issued by the user.

This usually includes:

logical processes

database-related processes

validation of users

server configuration

Full Stack Web Developer Skills

A Full Stack Web Developer must be able to create and maintain the front-end and back-end of web applications and must be proficient with the various languages that are used to develop a web application.
What Do You Need to Learn to be a Full Stack Developer?

If you’re determined to pursue a career as a full stack developer, these are the things you need to learn. (Take note that because many people have different opinions about full stack developers, you might need more or less than these to snag your dream job.)

18 point checklist of things you need to know to build a full stack application on the backend:

1.. Learn how to Authenticate

2.. Build Roles, Permissions and Access Control

3.. Learn how to CRUD

4.. Learn how to REST

5.. Learn to work with forms and state

6.. Build an API

7.. Build Notifications for Email, SMS and other realtime Webhooks

8.. Build Subscriptions and Plans

9.. Learn billing integration with payment gateways

10.. Handle File uploads

11.. Don’t be afraid to work with third party APIs, Frameworks and Packages

12.. Work with, build and extend community packages

13.. Create an admin interface

14.. Manage Caching

15.. Think in terms of components

16.. Work with a modern version control system for your code

17.. Work with the command line

18.. Ask good questions on Stack Overflow

Full Stack Developer Roadmap

100+ Free resources for learning Full Stack Web Development.

Check out full list of resources here. Its Awesome, you will like it

I created this list and am constantly updating it with new resources, information, and news.

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This is very insightful article for me. It is a great thought to visualize a process of becoming a full-stack developer.

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Thank you, interesting post. What you think about a dedicated software development team? What's better?