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It's also often effective just to say you were hoping for a higher offer, such as "In order to make it worth leaving my current position, I'd really like to see something closer to the $X range." Of course, if you're leaving your current position because you're just not happy, that might not be true, in which case, you might just want to say "My own research shows the market rate for this position should be closer to $X. Is this something we could negotiate?"

When comparing offers, make sure you're considering the whole package, too. A place offering fully-paid insurance with low copays versus one where family coverage is $300+/month for 80% coinsurance is a big difference for some people. I've had benefits make up over $10K in total compensation package alone. And at my current company, I gave up some PTO in the job change, so I negotiated more money and ensured they had a flexible unpaid leave policy in case I needed or wanted to take extra time off -- which I will be doing for the first time toward the end of August.

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