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Discussion on: When should a person have their own portfolio website?

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Ben Mitchinson • Edited

For me, having a small portfolio was a huge difference when applying for jobs leaving university. I was surprised with the amount of students that didn't have a site, so I made my own, and was told multiple times that it helped me stand out.

I didn't need something amazing that I made all myself + designed from scratch. I recommend just using a template that will let you make changes quickly, but still give you some creative freedom in how you structure your writing.

I really recommend making one if you're a student looking for internships or their first full time position. Summary posts of "what I learned at this internship" or "what I learned at this hackathon" are great ways to flesh out things that wouldn't fit on a resume, and personally, I found recruiters and engineers really did look at it.

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Firangiz Ganbarli Author

Yeah, I would agree with what you said about the summary posts. Thank you for sharing your thoughts, it's helpful!