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Fun tech quiz questions directly in your terminal?

bobbyiliev profile image Bobby Iliev Updated on ・1 min read

Check out my latest post on the https://devdojo.com website!

It is a post on how to use the Quiz API and run great quizzes directly in your terminal 🔥!

Link to the post:


I strongly encourage everyone to go ahead and check out the https://devdojo.com website, there's a lot of valuable content there.


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This does sound great, will be sure to check it out. I do like the idea behind being able to do this fun things in my terminal but is there a way to make a larger quiz, like a full out quiz? I mean like a quiz with multiple questions?

Maybe what I'm trying to say is, the script looks really fun and I'll check it out but can I actually do something bigger if I want to, like a test with the application?


Happy to hear that you like the script! Currently, the script only allows you to do 1 question at a time, but the Quiz API website itself has that functionality. You can choose between predefined tech quizzes and (random quizzes)[quizapi.io/clientarea/quiz/pick] on different topics!


Ah, that's a viable option as well.

Let me check it out properly and not just keep asking questions which can be answered easily by going through the website. Will come back if I have more questions

No problem at all! Have fun 🙌


This one looks really good! Is there a way for me to track how I did on tests I'm doing? I mean is there a history I can check for the tests, do you keep a track on this? Also is there a way for me to contribute some questions? I would love to do so.


Currently, with the BASH script, there is no way for you to check the history, but this sounds like a great idea! I might add this in the future!

However on the QuizAPI site, when you take a test, you would get your test results in a nice output, there you can see how you did and what you've got wrong!

Also, any contributions would be highly appreciated! You can do that here: quizapi.io/contribute