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Discussion on: Interesting Board Game Mechanics

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Robin Palotai

Amazing compilation. I heard praise about Galaxy Trucker as well, will have to try it eventually. Whitechapel reminds me of Scotland Yard, but the repetition element giving clues is a nice addition to ease the hard situation of the police. Gravwell sounds like a mind-bent RoboRally :)

We really like Puerto Rico, a German-style production game. It is super-balanced, there's no uncounterable strategy AFAIK. I heard praise about Race for the Galaxy, made by the same author, but didn't try it yet.

Also, let's not forget about card games! A plain deck can host hundreds of kinds of games, easy to carry at all times, and great to make connections to others.

Thanks for this review!

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Ben Lovy Author • Edited

I love Puerto Rico too! That's a great description, nobody can run away with the game on one strategy. I haven't tried any of the others you mention, the list grows again :)