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Thank you for this. I am in the process of creating my CV as a PWA, so I will use some of you points mentioned here as good practices.


Be careful. PWA is meant to enhance a device's features. It's meant to be used on daily basis, just like every other app. I personally think that PWA could be just amazing for your blog, but not for CV.

For presenting content, regular websites are best because they was meant for it.

CV is basically just a piece of paper. CVs are often printed and presented like that. What app-specific features are you planning to implement?


I am in the process of getting myself back to the web development. The last three years I am working with something completely independent from web, that I have started missing front end part. Now because of that, I thought to start simple and create my CV as PWA (because it's simple 'project'), just for representative purposes, and afterwards to convert my website/blog to a PWA.

That’s nice. But you might want to omit service worker completely because if you don’t, your content will cache and your visitors may be stuck with an outdated version of your cv.


CV, I didnt think of this use case for a PWA. What a good idea.

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