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Discussion on: I'm programming a sumobot with the world's safest programming language

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Blaine Osepchuk Author • Edited

Those are the correct packages. I'm on windows 10 too. I installed them in the opposite order though. I don't know if it matters but you might want to uninstall and reinstall if nothing else works. I followed the directions here:

I use the 'build all' button in the GUI to build and the 'flash to board' button to flash the microbit. The commands looks similar to what you did but you might want to try that if my next suggestion doesn't work.

You need to manually edit a file to make flashing work. The directions are here. The error isn't the same as I got but it might be the same cause.

Finally, make sure you allow all drivers to install when you install the AdaCore software and plug in the microbit to your usb system. It's possible that your antivirus or something similar blocked them from showing up.

That's all the suggestions I have. Good luck!