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Discussion on: How do you keep track of notes in code?

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I can see that use case. I know some people have pointed to IDE extensions to track these. I think a clearer way to do this while in development is just to write a failing test. Example in php:

public function test_can_upload_file()
    $this->fail('Upload file functionality needs to be implemented.');
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This way it's clear something is not done when running your test suite and you don't have to change your development practices to go hunting for them. Run the test suite -> see tests are failing -> there are things to do.

As with anything in programming though, that's just my opinion 😄

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Madza Author

from the programming view, this is absolutely correct and should be considered as a best practice 😉 i know it's just me, usually being too lazy to write failing tests, when you could do just Ctrl + / 😂😂