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So, I took a 2 months break from my "#10000daysofcode challenge till I die" (likely since I'm 50, 10,000 days is close to 30 years, and we're facing a species-extinction event...) But let's stay positive :)

So, yes, back on the chain gang, chained to my computer until late at night, but from the warmth of my futon, so that's ok.

I'm documenting my learning "progress" on my github pages and even though there probably is a way to connect that to rss automatically, I thought hand writing the xml would be cooler. So I did it. And thank you emacs for being such a cool editor too.

I know it's futile. In a way. But anything that gives me a better understanding of what I see on the web is a chance to learn.

I'm of course planning to automate that in emacs. I'll post the code when I'm done.

Let me know if you have suggestions for my next "try to hand-write that too" challenge...


ps: thanks to my wonderful dev.to mentor who is always posting interesting stuff here. I'm not forgetting my homework, I've just been busy staring inside my brain lately...

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