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re: I think the main problem with this situation is beautifully illustrated here: youdownloadtheappanditdoesntwork.com The problem is that Apple sets ...

I'm not a Hey customer, so I really have no opinion on the issue as a stakeholder.

But, no, the main problem is not well illustrated up there. Hey could have a free tier and a free app, or a very cheap app, or whatever. This is not rent seeking by Apple on the $99 that the service costs.

And there are plenty of issues with the app store, which is also the reason why I don't buy apps there and try to only buy indies (or not) stuff that doesn't go through Apple filters on my mac, and also the reason why I try to stick as much as possible to software that I can build on my machine (regardless of whether I do or do not build it).

Also, genuine question, is the Hey web app not available on iPhone ?

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