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Thank you very much for this very clear article.

I would like to add that a lot of people focus on Github today, for lots of practical reasons, but open source software, and it's direct "parent" Free Software have roots that go well beyond Github or even git itself, and most interesting and meaningful projects are not on Github (and probably will never be).

It is impossible to understand why open source exists without understanding why free software exists. And free software exists because people were stolen public code and intellectual property by corporations and as a protection measure created free software and free software licences.

Free software is a struggle to keep the code free of interference from corporate greed. And it is an ongoing struggle. Now that Github is owned by Microsoft it is hard to remember when Microsoft was the one behind "Linux is evil" and "the GPL is a viral license" right when "viral" was associated to HIV and things like this. There were also lots of "communists!" and similar epithets flying all over the place at the time...

Participating to freeing more and more software not only gives individuals thousands of opportunities to learn but also enables even more individuals to access such software, learn and build from it. And Freedom, way more than "open source" is worth the hassle.

Thank you again!



Nice addition to this post. I appreciate you took the time for reading and replying me. I agree with you in the benefits behind of a free software, and about the opportunities it brings to individuals able to access them. Also, I enjoyed reading the link, it provides with a nice programming history!

Thank you very much!

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