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Modern twitter interfaces are such that the number of followers is not equal to the number of people who read you. There are ways to filter contents in lists, searches, etc. Think Tweetdeck. It is important to be aware of this (and I guess you are, but I'm just saying :)

Also, you talk about the negative aspects of social media growth but not about the positive ones. So, you have 30,000 people who clicked "follow", but what does that mean, practically speaking, for you. Does that bring you anything practically positive ?

Last on that one, even with 280 characters, Twitter is still extremely limited as a publishing platform. Unless one posts technical haikus, the N/S is extremely high, so the real questions are how to regularly (?) create contents that matters (an to whom) in 280 characters. What are the objectives (income ? fame ?) How do you measure whether you have reached your objectives ? Beyond the numbers, how do you measure the effects you have on the crowd ? And was all that worth it ?

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