Secure free web conferencing ?

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As the title says...

After the zoom debacle, and in the current pandemic, it has become quite urgent to find reliable and secure solutions that allow us to work remotely.

What I need now is a web conferencing solution that looks like this:

  1. It is available from the browser with no proprietary app install requirements
  2. It is based on free software (does not have to be free though)
  3. Allows a reasonable number of participants to join (let's say between 10 and 100)
  4. Has a minimal feature set like screen sharing, etc.

I've been looking at a number of reviews online but it's really hard to find reliable info. Hence my coming at our virtual watercooler to hear what you have to say...

Thank you in advance !


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Teamviewer? Tinychat?(not sure if it's still around)


Btw I recommend reposting this with the tag #help, or #discuss to get more community input