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Discussion on: 10 HTML Elements You Didn't Know You Needed

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Brennan Young

A couple of additional comments from an accessibility perspective:

Output is treated by most user agents as a "live region" by default. Spec does not require this, but that's how it works IRL. That means that screen readers will announce whatever text nodes are inside the output.

Audio and Video - please remember captions and (for video) audio descriptions. These are just as important as the video sources. Apart from accessibility concerns, video without captions will fail to reach its full communicative potential, or even be skipped in situations where people have the sound off. (e.g. sneaking a look at your social media feed during a meeting or presentation, or on public transport). Captions multiply reach enormously.

With the time element, the datetime attribute is really important for screen readers, so that they know whether to announce 00:00 as "midnight" or "zero minutes, zero seconds" or whatever. For elapsed time (rather than 'clock' time) prefix the datetime value with an uppercase P, such as