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Discussion on: document.getElementById vs jQuery ID selector

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You can do this in a few different ways in YumJS too.

One of the easiest is getting the first of a class:

// Get first one

let button = yum('.button').first;

// Get the entire collection with the underscore

let buttons = yum('.button')._; 

// Use the variable reference you just made

yum(buttons).text('We are buttons');

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Aside from a the familiar chainable syntax, YumJS is very different than JQuery.

It doesn't replicate all of JQuery's functions but it does do other things that JQuery doesn't do with regard to reactivity and an optional component style syntax both of which can be mixed!

YumJS is also super small too. So...if you are still using JQuery give YumJS a try.

Check out my introductory article here on