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Signs That Your Child Is An Intelligent Kid

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Did Isaac Newton’s mother know that her son had a particularly high IQ of 192—among just one percent of the population with an IQ of upper than 136? Did she suspect that he’d get older to be among the most influential scientists of all time? She probably didn’t, as she took him out of school in hopes that he will become a farmer just like his late father.

But consistent with Mensa, “the high IQ society,” there are signs parents can search for that indicate their children may have a better than average IQ. Here are some signs that your child is a gifted and intelligent child.

1. Excellent Memory

Having a good memory is very important to children so that they will be able to find out new things and retain new information, both in reception and class. Consistent with psychologist and author Tracy Packiam Alloway, “working memory is linked not just to learning (from kindergarten to college), as well as for deciding on the activities every day.”

2. Early Reading Skills

According to the English essayist Joseph Addison, “Reading is to the mind what exercise is to the body.” On average, extremely intelligent kids begin to sight-read before the age of 4, while most youngsters are closer to the age of six or seven before they reach this milestone. There are many stages of reading, and youngsters must learn to acknowledge and understand words before they will begin to read on their own. Some children may find enjoyment in reading when they get older, but once they start reading, intelligent kids are usually hooked till the end.

3. Curiosity

According to the Harvard Business Review, “curiosity is as important as intelligence,” and having an inquisitive mind may be a good indicator of success. Children who ask tons of questions are demonstrating an innate desire to find out. As they hunt down opportunities to find out wherever they are, they further develop their minds and intellect.

4. Sense of Humor

Some Historians usually remark about Lincoln’s sense of humor. When accused of being two-faced during a presidential debate, Lincoln replied, “Honestly, if I were two-faced, would I be showing you this one?” Your child’s sense of humor can be a symbol of greatness so don’t discourage them!

5. Musical Ability

Studies show a link between being musical and being intelligent, and researchers believe that children benefit academically once they receive music education. All parents should expose their children to music at a young age, albeit they do not have a specific musical talent. Researchers believe that musical training impacts the brain and unlocks the power for creativity.

6. Sets High Standards

Smart kids—and successful adults—tend to line a high standard for themselves. They need an instinctual way to improve and do better in areas that interest them. This drive also assists them in learning new skills and faculty subjects to the best of their ability. Being hyper-focused in specific areas of interest can also be a symbol of a high IQ.

7. Talkative with Adults

Gifted children are often described as “little adults” due to their early maturity, a greater awareness of current events, and their inclination to talk with adults instead of other children. A very bright child could also be the one who chats with the adults at a birthday celebration instead of twiddling with the opposite kids. Enjoying conversation and talking about a few different subjects is additionally a symbol of intelligence in kids.

Even if a child doesn’t currently demonstrate a number of these signs of a high IQ, he or she could still be a future genius. Experts disagree on whether an individual is born a genius or develops into one over time, but most agree that nurture—the child’s positive environment—has a lot to do with their future abilities and chances of success.

You, as a parent, can help in developing your child’s inner genius by providing them with a nurturing environment for learning. Make sure that your kids are reading, getting enough sleep, eating well, exercising, and are always open to learning. Just being an involved parent will go a very long way to ensure your child’s future success in everything he or she chooses to do.


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